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German manufacturer of high-precision stabilization mounts for space, air, sea and terrestrial sensors and applications is looking for technological partnerships

Status: Idea
Creation date: 05-01-2022

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A German company develops and produces gyro stabilization mounts for data acquisition and monitoring. These platforms improve the quality and efficiency of data acquisition processes for airports, harbours, aerial photography, geodata, drones and other sensor applications. The SME is looking for companies or research institutes (especially concerning offshore mining, wind farms and acquaculture technologies ) for commercial agreements with technical assistance or research cooperation agreements.


An innovative, medium-sized and worldwide operating company based in an industrial cluster of wellknown optical industries in central Germany has been developing, manufacturing and selling Gyro Stabilization Mounts for data aquisition, monitoring, remote sensing and surveillance since 2004. The enterprise is the market-leading independent supplier for stabilization platforms – made for high accuracy demands in turbulent, harsh and demanding environments. The special technology improves the quality and efficiency of data aquisition processes based on highest precision. The stabilization itself saves time, reduces costs and enables an efficient workflow.

They are perfect add-ons for a broad variety of sensors in growing markets like mobile mapping, imaging and scanning, autonomous driving, shipping and flying, high resolution monitoring and surveillance, offshore mining, farming and wind, wave and sunbased energies.

Pitch, roll and yaw angles present a constant challenge for geospatial data acquisition.Therefore, the stabilization mounts drastically reduce the movements of sensor systems and keep them balanced. These high precision mounts compensate arbitrary vehicle movements and vibrations in the air, at sea or at rough territories. The portfolio of the special engineering manufacturer has three platforms for airborne applications and three units for land and marine sensor systems.

The products from the airborne class can lift up small, medium and large sensors up to 120 kg. The control panels are user friendly. Different standard ports/interfaces (like USB/ AUX/ FMS) allow the communication between the different devices. A specific software allows a simplified operation, configuration of the hardware and enables self-checks for a professional support everywhere in the world.

The products from the seaborne and landborne class can load three types of sensors up to 160 kg. In order to be used in rough environmental conditions, they have been designed to be dust-, salt- and splash-water resistant. Even harsh conditions set no limits to its functionality and precise performance. The compact design and highly functional modularity enable a powerful and very versatile mounting solution for numerous applications. All units can be paired with data from external Inertial Measurement Units (IMU).

Besides the already well-established applications, the stabilization mounts could be used in new and growing fields too. One example are stabilization platforms for offshore and marine applications. Thus, the company wants to establish partnerships with companies or institutes interested in applying the stabilization technology to new fields.

The SME is looking for companies or research institutes that work with sensor technology and are interested in research cooperation or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Especially in markets like offshore mining, wind farms and acquaculture technologies the company is looking for co-working institutions and think-tanks for research cooperation.
In the case of commercial agreements with technical assistance, the SME offers its technology and engineerial assistance to companies interested in applying this technology to new fields where stabilization is required.

Advantages & innovations

The leading manufacturers of optical sensors all rely on the stabilization technology. Despite the industrial standards - with longstanding expertise the company develops individual solutions for specific needs of its customers and grants a fast and reliable support. Moreover, the company processes orders on a customer-specific basis, assisting companies from concept through development to delivery of the system. The Gyro Stabilization Mounts drastically reduce the movements of moving sensor systems. This gimbal compensates arbitrary vehicle movements and vibrations in all three axes. It allows a high resolution image quality and more operating time at lower costs. All the devices can be connected with the most popular Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and Flight Management Systems (FMS) to complete missions even more efficiently.

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