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Project name:

German start-up-company is looking for partners to test novel applications for its patented hydrophilic, dirt repellent and biofilm preventing surface coating technology.

Status: Idea
Creation date: 16-03-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary German Start-up looks for partners interested in applying a new coating technology. The hydrophilic polymer is non-toxic and biocompatible, while bio- and dirt film formation is reduced significantly by anti-adherence activity. It is applied by a fast and efficient dip- or spray coating. The company seeks technical cooperation agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance in mechanical and plant engineering, filtration, centrifugation, and household appliances, "white goods".

Full description Founded in 2017 the start-up company has developed a coating technology, which is suitable for a broad range of applications. The technology is patented, lab validated and available for demonstration. To introduce anti-fouling properties by the anti-adherence activity on the surface, the company provides the customer with a hydrophilic polymer which is non-toxic and biocompatible. The customer applies the polymer on the substrate through fast and efficient dip- or spray coating, where it is bound by short UV irradiation. Under UV-irradiation parts of the polymer react with the surface so that a permanent attachment of the coating is ensured. The process is fast, cost-efficient and not detrimental to the used material. The coating chemically bonds to surfaces and works on painted and coated metals, on plastics as well as composites. It renders the surface dirt repellent, antibacterial through anti-adherence activity, thus biofilm formation can be significantly reduced, without being subject to EU-Biocide regulations. The coating is currently being used in pilot projects in mechanical and plant engineering, including centrifuges, conveyors & filtration etc. to provide solutions to problems typical in this field.

Advantages and innovations
  • The coating technology provides the following advantages:
  • It creates an easy-to-clean surface in hard-to-reach places, which allows less dirt adhesion.
  • It enables easy cleaning of machinery with a sharp water jet.
  • It reduces the maintenance effort.
  • The coating process is easy and fast, and no pretreatment necessary.
  • The polymer is bound chemically to the surface.
  • Universally applicable on almost all plastic materials, compound material and painted metal.
  • The polymer is non-bactericidal (not subject to EU regulations).
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The company is looking for partners and clients that are interested in improving performance while reducing maintenance of its machinery or equipment, caused by dirt sedimentation and biofilm formation. Examples are industry, mechanical and plant engineering, including filtration, centrifuges, conveyors & filtration etc, and in other hygiene relevant fields, such as household appliances "white goods", e.g. washing machines, coffee machines etc, or toys

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