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Graphene for various applications offered

Status: Idea
Creation date: 23-12-2021

Project objectives:


A company from Western Poland specialised in production of graphene is looking for industrial and R&D partners interested in further development of the product (e.g. looking for new applications as well as testing the existing ones in real-life conditions). The offered graphene products are characterised by much better properties than the ones obtained in traditional way. The cooperation will be in the form of research or technical cooperation agreements.


The Polish company is a nanotechnological venture focused on large-scale production and supply of graphene materials as well as development of graphene applications.

Founded in 2012, the company has patented a highly efficient manufacturing process of large-area graphene sheets of exceptional strength and quality (grain sizes up to 1mm). The method is based on graphene grown on liquid metal matrix – a fully controlled process which enables the production of graphene sheets with specified number of layers. Graphene growth originates with nucleation and growth of single hexagonal flakes on metallic substrate. Liquid matrix enables grain rotation and re-arrangement during nucleation process which results in larger grain sizes and improved graphene properties.

The company's offer comprises:
The offer includes a unique selection of graphene materials:
• high strength metallurgical graphene sheets,
• high quality CVD (chemical vapour deposition) graphene,
• graphene grown on silicon carbide (SiC) substrates,
• various forms of graphene oxides and reduced graphene
All parameters of the graphene sheets (size, substrates, etc.) can be tailored to individual needs. The company also provides a wide offer related to the preparation of metal contacts on graphene samples for any electrical measurements.
The company offers assistance in any queries regarding graphene materials.
The standard services are:
• scientific assistance in graphene characterisation,
processing methods and data analysis;
• availability of the company's specialised equipment (Raman
spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscope [SEM], etc.)
and conducting commissioned measurements;
• partnership in research initiatives, especially those aimed at
the development of graphene applications;
• advanced as well as introductory training sessions on
graphene processing methods (including theoretical
background and practical courses).

The company is aimed at business and graphene commercialisation. It will provide high quality graphene materials and become a fully-fledged partner in any industrial or research projects. The production method is fully scalable and allows manufacturing of sufficient amounts of graphene for any industrial or commercial graphene application.

The company is interested in joint research projects, especially those focused on the development of graphene applications – including both ongoing projects and initialising the new ones.

The company is looking for partners of any size active in the field of nanomaterials (especially graphene) that would be interested in industrial partnership involving development of graphene-based applications.

Since the company is focused on constant improvement of the offered materials, partnership with academia and research institutes regarding any graphene-related R&D topic is available as well.

The possible types of cooperation the company is mostly interested in are research and/or technical cooperation agreements.

Advantages & innovations

The company is offering graphene supplies, high quality equipment and support of highly qualified team of scientists. The company is able to conduct commissioned research and experiments, as well as manufacture graphene samples for individual needs. Apart from customisation of graphene materials (size, substrates, etc.) the company also provides a wide offer related to the preparation of metal contacts on graphene samples for any electrical measurements. The company is concerned about high market requirements of graphene products comparing with already established technologies. Therefore, it is offering additional support and special prices to startups and micro-SMEs interested in the development of graphene products. When compared to other methods of obtaining graphen, the one offered by the company is characterised by properties closest to the theoretical graphene - it is much stronger and more durable than the competitive, traditional products and also shows semi-conductive properties.

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