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Project name:

High power mobile genset (350 kW) to produce off-grid decarbonated electricity based on renewable energy

Status: Idea
Creation date: 25-03-2022

Project objectives:

Summary A French company designs and manufactures an innovative generator set operating with green hydrogen (H2) fuel cell. Available in a 40-foot mobile container, this genset makes isolated areas (industry, ephemere events, construction sites, ports, airports etc.) self-sufficient in eco-friendly electricity. Multiple gensets can be placed together to increase the power level. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought with partners aimed at decarbonating their activities off-grid.


Founded in 2020, the French company started by developing new generation electricity power station based on (H2) for recharging small electric vehicles. Swiftly, the need has come to generate decarbonated electricity on isolated sites (constructions, industries, ports, airports, sport competitions...) or supply electricity during ephemere events instead of using classical generator set with gasoil. As a result, the French engineering and services company has designed sustainable genset to produce electricity from renewable energies by relying on hydrogen fuel cell or photovoltaic panels farm.

The French company has fully developed this compact (40-foot container) high power (350kW) genset running on green hydrogen to produce electricity for temporary deployment applications of large electric production. This innovative generator set aims to be more ecologic and offers an alternative to classical genset which produces polluant emissions and smokes.

This new genset uses less than 16kg of green hydrogen per hour and operates between -5 and 40°C outside temperature. It is supplied with H2 either via a tank truck or through a rack of interchangeable cans. It is not necessary to switch off the genset to change one mode to the other: a 2-hour reserve at nominal speed is provided, which is essential for 24/7 operations.

This genset is green because its batteries are charged by:
-or the fuel cell which produces electricity from H2 (at night or in bad weather),
-or photovoltaic panels farm (in priority thanks to the AI ​​which decides, if light is sufficient). This module is optional. In addition, through this module, it is possible to produce domestic hot water / pulsed air.

As a bonus when it is cold, rather than the genset being stopped because the cooled batteries would no longer work, the calories from the fuel cell heat the batteries ensuring continuous service of quality. The valorisation of fatal heat allows the production of domestic hot water and pulsed air.

Technical characteristics:
-day use: 24h/24h
-400V three-phase output: 350 KVA nominal (boost +30%)
-hydrogen consumption <16kg/h
-IP65 protection
-use temperature: from -5°C up to +40°C
-sound emission <100dB at 5m
-transportable on a 19-ton truck
-refueling by H2 tanker-truck or by interchangeable H2 canisters rack
-autonomy in nominal mode in stand alone mode 2h (refueling change time)
-ground surface occupied: 9120mm x 2438mm x 2900mm
-weight: 16tons

The multi-energy genset is mobile as far as it can be airborne on temporary sport competition bivouacs or others. Indeed the genset has many possibile applications notably those which require high power in off-grid areas:
-eltectricity cuts for work or during incidents
-temporary event on a site (festivals, tourism, various events, etc.)
-construction site equipment
-naval and maritime applications
-ports and airports
-industrial sites (to supply electricity and also to avoid over-costs due to over-consumption).

The French company is looking for partners abroad for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages & innovations This high power genset is only based on renewable energy and allows to produce off-grid green electricity, hot water and also pulsed air. It is managed by artificial intelligence for energy production. -Off-grid electricity generator set, -Totally carbon-free it generates no carbon emissions and thus avoids pollution, -Low noise emitted, -Scalable system that can be sized according to needs, -40-ton container that can be moved.

Stage of development Available for demonstration

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