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Project name:

Highly Secured Datadiode based technology raising cybersecurity for governmental and industrial critical infrastructures.

Status: Idea
Creation date: 14-03-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A French SME located in South of France has developed and put on the market a technical offer addressing cybersecurity issues for both industrial and governmental networks extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Mixing a hardware technology (Data Diode) with proxy gateways for specific protocols, its offer opens a wide range of collaboration to European companies (end-users, integrators) interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Full description Today's firewalls provide insufficient security both for industrial networks extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks and for government networks that face extremely professional and resourceful attacks. CYBERIUM is a private French company, pure player in operational technologies (OT) for cybersecurity that creates value for its “high security” customers. The French company created in 2021 by a team of ‘25 years’ experience engineers has developed and put on the market a special cybersecurity offer based on a specific technology from the defense sector (Data Diode) applied now to industrial use cases. Its offer tackles cybersecurity issues: it is an answer to fight against cyber-attack/intrusion targeting the following targets: critical infrastructures, industries (energy production plants, chemical industries, oil & gas), transport and governmental or defense institutions. The offer is based on the Data Diode technology coupled with proxy gateways applied now to industrial use cases. -Data Diode is a hardware solution enabling unidirectional data transfers from network A (OT) to network B (IT): the transfer is in real time and 100% secured. -The proxy gateways are two servers with dedicated software to manage the datadiode and several industrial protocols. The French company can also provide a whole package of expertise and studies on all project phases: pre-studies, one-off or recurring audits, Customer support services. CYBERIUM has already installed more than 250 datadiodes in the world. Partners sought are IT companies & integrators or end-user companies (industries, governmental entities) for 2 types of agreements: -business agreement: IT/OT companies (size: SMEs) already proposing/having cyber offers with local contracts. Objectives: to add/integrate Cyberium’s offer/technology to their portfolio. -commercial agreement: End users (industrial/facilities large companies) looking for such technologies to secure their processes.

Advantages and innovations
  • To ensure high-level security for both industrial and governmental networks, the datadiode is the only solution for both of these targets:
  • For government customers, the datadiode is the only solution to separate the confidential intranet from external or Internet-connected networks, 100% unidirectional allowing users of the secret / confidential network to access information from the networks securely and in real time. external.
  • For industrial customers, the datadiode is used by critical infrastructures to protect their critical systems (SCADA, DCS, SIS) while allowing them to send production data in real time to the company's IT networks.
  • The company provides an One-Way Appliance (OWA) composed of DATADIODES (hardware) with PROXY GATEWAYS (software) with management of industrial protocols.
  • This is a Unique European solution, qualified & certified (ANSSI, NATO & CCEAL7+), from 1Gbps up to 10Gbps and with more than 20 supported industrial protocols.
  • Other advantages:
  • One-way communication guarantee
  • Installed between two networks to be isolated
  • Communication from a less confidential network to a more confidential area
  • LC optical interfaces
  • Bandwidth 10 Gbps multimode
  • Does not require a power supply
  • Small footprint
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