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Project name:

HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-15: Two Slovenian research organizations and a company are looking for partners with expertise on electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide

Status: In Preparation
Creation date: 18-11-2021

Project objectives:


Two research organizations and a hydrogen peroxide producer from Slovenia are looking for partners with expertise on electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide in order to establish a prototype electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide under the call HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-15.


Call HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-15 requires to address the following aspects:
• Development of the new electrochemical conversion route towards a product or intermediate of interest for process industries and demonstration at an appropriate scale;
• Optimisation of the reactor design and operation and the electrochemical parameters (mass and charge transfer) towards an improved electrochemical performance (increased Faradaic efficiency, lower overpotential, etc.);
• Optimisation of the reactor design and operation and the electrochemical parameters towards the increased lifetime or reduced cost of the electrochemical reactor components (electrode, electrolyte, catalyst, membrane);
• Development of suitable electrodes and electrocatalyst for the new conversion route towards a high selectivity and performance;
• Efficient integration of renewable energy sources, considering also their intermittency and the possibility to offer demand-response flexibility;
• Integrated process design, including materials, reactor/cell and separation methods, from the process intensification and cost perspectives;
• Demonstration and validation of the proposed concepts at an appropriate scale under environmental relevant conditions. Industrial feasibility should be proven by techno-economic assessments.

The subject of collaboration is the scalable sustainable process for direct electrochemical route of hydrogen peroxide production (without intermediate water electrolysis for hydrogen production). The goal is to develop a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5-6 sub-sized prototype production process.

The present team consists of:
1. A Slovenian public research organization with the expertise in materials, characterisation and engineering, whereas its contributing role is flexible considering the rest of consortium, as well as roles missing;
2. A Slovenian research organization with expertise in process control and optimitzation, modeling of production processes, process automation and electrical engineering;
3. Large Slovenian producer of hydrogen peroxide.

The industrial company partner (an export-oriented renowned producer of hydrogen peroxide products) is strongly motivated for this emerging kind of technology to be able to provide a future carbon dioxide neutral production on their site or remotely at customers, providing engineering or services.

Preferably, the team would like to join existing or emerging consortia, however, the coordination of the whole project is not excluded.

The team is looking for following partners:
• The partners with (high TRL) expertise on electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide and/or any other chemicals or materials;
• Industrial partners to provide demo sites for the developed electrochemical production processes.

The team is looking forward to cooperate with the partners or a consortium on this specific topic, whereas the options of collaboration are flexible – ideally, Slovenian prototype process would be one of many, coordinated in orchestra, while the lead is not yet irrevocably selected.

Advantages & innovations

Hydrogen peroxide production relies on hydrogen and oxygen as feedstocks, whereas presently, hydrogen is provided from natural gas reforming, which causes carbon dioxide emissions. The goal is to develop direct electrochemical process for hydrogen peroxide production, based on green electricity and thus not generating carbon dioxide emissions.

Stage of development

Proposal under development

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