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Project name:

In-situ inspection technology sought to predict the remaining life time of synthetic ropes, by globally operating Dutch manufacturer of fibers for synthetic ropes.

Status: Idea
Creation date: 04-01-2022

Project objectives:


A globally supplying Dutch manufacturer of fibers for synthetic ropes aims to achieve wide acceptance of synthetic ropes to replace steel ropes in on- and offshore applications. Therefore the company is looking for inspection technology to better predict the remaining life time of synthetic ropes. Cooperation with one or more partners, such as SME's and/or academia, is foreseen within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement. This request is part of an open innovation challenge.


The Dutch manufacturer of synthetic fibers is part of a Japanese group and supplies fibers worldwide to producers in many different applications such as car tires, parachute lines and heavy duty ropes for on- and offshore.
The manufacturer knows that many companies in the on- and offshore market would like to move from steel to synthetic cables or ropes because of their advantages with respect to lightweight, non-corrosiveness and low maintenance. However the predictability of the remaining lifetime of steel ropes and cables has so far not been matched for synthetics. So risk mitigation is one of the main challenges to achieve wide acceptation of synthetic fibers in rope applications.

Therefore the company is looking for a practical, safe, and effective method to inspect synthetic ropes without destructing them. This non-destructive method should be able to link (real-time) monitored parameters to a structural health indicator and finally to a replacement/repair criterion. The rope inspection should be done in-situ at the application preferably in real time.
The company thinks that an integration of existing and new technology in practical approaches could lead to a solution. It is expected that visual inspection only will not be sufficient.

The company is looking for partners, such as SMEs and/or academia, that can develop and supply (parts of) the needed inspection technology. Partners that are able to identify the successful combination of sensing technology, data processing and decision making. Cooperation with one or more partners is foreseen within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement

This technology request refers to an innovation challenge published on an online open innovation platform till Jan 15th 2022. Organisations are invited to express their interest before the closing date. Interested parties can get additional information on the platform and browse free through other submissions. However to contribute to online discussions registration is necessary. All submissions on the platform will get feedback by the company. Mind that posts on this platform are not confidential. Besides open discussions on the platform, sharing of confidential information will be made possible on demand.
After closing of the challenge, the company will select some organisations from the ones that have presented themselves on the platform for an online meeting January 28th to explore cooperation possibilities. In case there is still need for additional solutions after closing of the challenge, expressions of interest will be treated in the traditional way.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The company is looking for expertise in the field of (applied) research and development of inspection systems with knowledge of: • Physical inspection/testing • Materials / mechanical / physics / electronics engineering • Data processing, AI

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