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Innovative full-face protective mask

Status: Idea
Creation date: 26-11-2021

Project objectives:


An italian research team has developed an innovative protective mask that adapts totally to the user's face. It has an upper part with a transparent visor to protect the eyes of the wearer and a lower part with a filtering portion to breathe. The mask could be used in medical field and in all areas of possible social overcrowding to avoid the spread of infective virus. The team is interested in licence, manufacturing, and technical cooperation agreements.


An Italian research group has created an innovative product, a full face protective mask that adapts perfectly to the face of the user. It is used in the medical field where there may be close contact between a patient and a doctor and in areas of possible social overcrowding that, in case of a pandemic, may lead to the spread of a virus. To date, as the main means of containment and prevention of infection, are used masks made of fabric or equipped with filter that adhere to the face of the user in order to shield nose and mouth and / or filter the air inhaled and / or exhaled by the user. These masks are uncomfortable to wear and have several disadvantages. The innovative mask has an upper part that includes a transparent visor whose purpose is to protect the eyes of the wearer and a lower part that includes a filtering portion that allows the user to breathe. The mask is comfortably wearable, allows to keep the mouth and nose free from constrictions or discomfort, allows to completely isolate the face avoiding contact with hands and everything that surrounds the user.
The researchers are searching now new partners for:
- Licence agreement. The aim is to immediately monetize the economic investment made for the protection of the invention and at the same time to accelerate the development of the product up to its commercialization.
- Technical cooperation agreement, to find partners with expertise in materials, with knowledge of manufacturing processes and certification regulations. The partner must also have production tools. The purpose of cooperation is to facilitate the technical development of the physical prototype, to be subjected to the relevant tests in order to certify the product, which would then be ready for production and marketing.
- Manufacturing agreement. The cooperation with companies involved in the development, production and marketing of devices in the field of human health, would allow - given the simplicity of the product itself - to develop, realize, certify, produce the product and put it on the market in a short time.

Advantages & innovations

The full-face protective mask: - is adaptable to the user's face; - allows to completely isolate the face avoiding also the contact with the user's hands and therefore all that surrounds him reducing the diffusion of viruses; - the nose and the mouth are free of constrictions; - is easily wearable by anyone; - it can be made of biocompatible material; - the main components (visor and filtering portion) can be easily removed and replaced; - allows a reduction of humidity formation when the user is talking or in case of physical activity.

Stage of development

Concept stage

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