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Italian innovative company active in the aerospace world and more precisely in the earth observation downstream sector and in the monitoring of structural stability of infrastructures is looking for new customers and commercial/ technological partners.

Status: Idea
Creation date: 10-01-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary The company, fresh from an incubation period in the European Space Agency (ESA) program, is specialized in processing and analyzing data with InSAR technology from different aerospace satellites around the world to monitor the structural stability and health of public and private civil infrastructures such as buildings, railways, roads, bridges, dams, pipelines and docks.

Full description The company's technology makes it possible to verify the health of public and private civil structures and infrastructures, the stability of lands on a large-scale, structural deformations and seismic areas (with a look at the past and future forecasts). The technique includes a model with InSAR radar aperture on a millimeter scale and gives the possibility to obtain real-time data fusion, visual reports, images creation, past trends (since 2015), alarm notifications in case of critical deformations and other important information. Furthermore, the technology analyzes the geometry of objects and spatial relationships obtaining maps in 2D and 3D. The services include, among others, features such as: > Fast and highly accurate results > Pay per use pricing model > Scalable high performance computing for large areas > Automation of all processing phases > Intuitive interface and API inter connections > Training and dedicated assistance at every step Thanks to an interdisciplinary team made up of telecommunications engineers, data scientists and software architects among others, important public and private customers are choosing the company services for their robustness, reliability and innovation. About the proprietary technology the potential of the persistent scatterer interferometry (PSI) technique has been recognized since its first proposal and, over the past years, a wide range of PSI applications have been developed. It is undoubtedly a powerful technique that can remotely measure the deformation on a sub-centimeter scale over intervals of days or years based on the analysis of satellite SAR data. In 2020, the Sentinel data access system supported a daily publication speed of over 38,700 products per day and an average daily download volume of 405 TiB. Limited "internal" or network resources generally represent a bottleneck problem to fully exploit these satellite data repositories and in this scenario a key role can be played by Cloud Computing technologies.

Advantages and innovations The most important company’s advantages and strengths are: > Pay what you ask for > Training and dedicated assistance at every step > Past trends and previsions also in the long-term in the future > Automation of all processing phases > Feedback fast and accurate > Democratization of technology The company solution is based on an advanced cloud computing implementation with a PSI processing architecture that enables automatic processing of large volumes of SAR data, from the Level-1 Interferometric Wide Swath (IWS) Single Look Complex (SLC) product up to the generation of the corresponding time series of DInSAR displacements and mean deformation maps. The architecture, also thanks to proprietary artificial intelligent (AI) algorithms, is able to automatically select the processing parameters and process an Area of Interest (AOI) that could be a few hundred thousand square kilometers wide in a timely manner, in addition to reducing costs. In fact, the architecture improves the amount of time and resources spent on both file/orbit download and long-term data processing. The architecture applies multiple and self-contained analysis scripts and creates custom processing pipelines by defining the processing flow in accordance with the use case in order to combine the data blending, enrichment and analysis phases in a customized way. In the processing pipeline, each individual activity is completed by an independent component that executes a single job as a service; this approach makes it easier to manage the complexity of the processing flow. The services communicate through asynchronous messages making each service independent of the other. Each service is hosted on a scalable dockerized installation and this gives the possibility to increase or decrease the total processing power of the pipeline on demand.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought Company purpose is to improve the life and the work of people and enterprises thanks to a fast, highly precise, versatile and non-invasive action that reduces materials and costs (compared to the traditional system) thanks to the absence of an hardware device.

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