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Korean company proficient in Hydrogen fuel cell test equipment is seeking for partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance

Status: Idea
Creation date: 10-01-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A Korean company has developed design and manufacturing test equipment for hydrogen fuel cell and supplied to well-known Korean electric vehicle makers and research institutes. With its own patent-based technology, this company can provide customized equipment in accordance with various experimental conditions. This company is looking for partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance

Full description As the role of hydrogen in the energy transition grows high, fuel cell and electrolysis system are widely researched and produced in the world. Following this trend, a Korean SME has developed its own design and manufacturing technology of fuel cell test equipment and provided to well-known Korean institutes and companies. The company can produce hydrogen system test equipment for solid oxide cells (SOEC/SOFC), Polymer Electrolyte Membrane(PEM), and Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell(MCFC). To provide reliable test equipment, the company has following expertise, - SOFC, PEM, MCFC system design technology: PEM test station (tens~hundreds kW test station), SOFC/SOEC test station - Technology for making equipment with industrial components: Micro thickness and Cell high frequency resistance measuring equipment, Catalytic burner for MCFC, Gas distribution test equipment, Ion detection equipment - Various Engineering technology: Gas analysis system, Air compressor performance test, Measurement of vehicle exhaust gas hydrogen concentration and noise, Furnace system automation, Electrical connection monitoring using contact resistance measurement - Software control technology: Control of logic development using PLC and Labview The company has supplied PEM unit cell test (~660W), PEM stack test (2~30kW), PEM activation (50~200kW), and SOFC/SOEC test equipment of 1~2kw. Also, the company can manufacture PEM activation station from 100kW to 200kW, PEM high-capacity test station of 100kW, stack reliability test station, and stack performance test station. Because this company secures its own design and manufacturing capability, customers can test more easily and upgrade equipment according to changed specifications or test conditions. For example, this Korean company employs a patented spray-type humidifier for PEMFC test, which can increase durability and easy management of humidity than existing a membrane-type humidifier. The company is looking for partners (i.e. manufacturers, research institutes, universities) who want to employ Korean company’s customized test equipment to their fuel cell system test under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages and innovations • Using in-house patented design and manufacturing technique, the company provides the test equipment which can meet customers’ specific test purpose and conditions, even upgrading • Relatively low cost for establishing testing equipment for Hydrogen Fuel Cell than other competitors • More than 15 years of test system development experiences in various hydrogen fuel cells including SOFC/SOEC, PEMFC, and MCFC
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