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Project name:

M-ERA.NET - Development of a new coating solution for use in contact with food – industrial partners sought

Status: In Preparation
Creation date: 04-08-2021

Project objectives:

A Czech research organisation with rich experience in thermal spraying is seeking industrial partners to complement the consortium of a project within M-ERA.NET. The project will focus on the development on new reliable and safe thermal spray coating solutions as food contact materials. The sought partners should focus on food industry and are expected to act as project´s advisory board members.

Food safety is a topic of general societal concern. The objective of the project is the development of new reliable and safe thermal spray coating solutions as food contact materials (FCM) for protection of components of food processing equipment. Currently, new challenges in food industry are arriving from composite foods with very different macro structure (from liquid to tough particles), different pH values and fatness levels, as well as aggressive hygiene maintenance of food contact surfaces. At the same time, the current situation suffers from insufficient guidance for the introduction of new coating materials by a not-harmonised regulation in different countries. New coating compositions, intended to be developed, will be tailored based on the understanding of mechanical wear and material release in contact with food from conventional coatings.

To the knowledge of the applicants this is the first systematic study of thermal spray coating application concerning safety aspects in the food industry, performed by a consortium of specialists in complementary fields. The innovation of coating development within this project will be the assurance of traditional coating properties such as wear and corrosion resistance, but providing safety of coating solution by strict consideration release limits of elements to food. This will be accompanied with new methodologies of coating characterisation by food simulants and food matrices, enabling the application of the new solutions with new composite food matrices.

The main goal of the project is to develop new effective and safe hard-metal and oxide based thermal spray coating solutions for use in contact with food.

A systematic study of interaction of conventional thermal spray coating solutions with food will be provided, which will be the base of new coating material development. Using the advanced materials design and manufacturing results in more competitive industrial products and processes. This is enabled by cooperation of a consortium with highly complementary competences in powders and coating development and characterization/validation testing. The data, obtained during project solution, will strongly support the certification, regulation and legislation of thermal spray coating application in food processing on the European level.

The results of the project solution will contribute namely the following expected impact of Topic 2: Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces of the M-Era-Net 2021 call.

Current consortium members:
• A German research organisation with more than 20 years of experience I the field of material development for surface modification technologies, in particular for thermal spraying and laser cladding.
• A Czech research organisation with 20 years of experiences in the field of thermal spraying, focused mainly on hard metals deposition by High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF). Currently operating also with modern high-enthalpy plasma torch.
• A Lithuanian university with experience in determination of factors having significant effect on food safety and quality parameters.
• Spanish research centre with 30 years of experience in solving a wide variety of problems related to friction and wear phenomena

The consortium is looking for industrial partners focusing on the food industry. The partners are expected to help the consortium specify which components of food machines are most stressed and in what way and act as members of the advisory board of the project.

Deadline for EOIs: 31 October 2021
Deadline of the call (2nd stage): 17 November 2021

The idea is that the current consortium is going to submit the pre-proposal in the 1st stage (15 June 2021) and then include the missing industrial partner in the 2nd stage.

Partner sought
Type of partner sought: Industrial company, interested in the project results. It could be: 1) Manufacturer of machines for the food industry 2) Raw food materials processor, using machines subjected to corrosion or mechanical loads during operation in contact with food Role of partner sought: The partner should specify which components are most stressed and in what way, what are the specifics of the processed raw materials. It should provide feedback on the ideas, reached results, materials used, cost and competitiveness of the solutions developed.

Type and size
SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500



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