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Project name:

Maltese company that has developed a software platform for privately and securely encrypting and protecting email offers to set up a license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Status: Idea
Creation date: 09-01-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary The Maltese cybersecurity company builds email server software to deliver secure and private email for organizations to ensure they are free from monitoring, tracking, fraud and reputational risk. Security by design principles with advanced use of encryption are involved. They are seeking international partners to distribute and/or resell their server products and/or deliver as part of a SaaS service. Delivered via a license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Full description The software platform runs on the clients' own email server/cloud infrastructure and can also be delivered to customers via SaaS providers. It encrypts email 'on send' and decrypts 'on receipt' and is POP3/SMTP compatible. It supports regulated environments especially those involving sensitive data types PCI/DSS, HIPAA, GDPR FCA etc. The platform is compatible with all leading email apps integrating with existing insecure email solutions and retains existing email addresses. The product integrates to the customers existing insecure email platform adding security and a private secure method for existing email account holders to communicate privately and securely without any changes to existing infrastructure other than traffic will switch from the insecure platform to the secure equivalent based on use case and operational requirements. Different packages are offered - either to buy the software or on an annual subscription basis. Clients are able to evaluate any number of accounts for a month. Two email accounts are included free of charge for the first 12 months. can be added to the platform. Popular webmail addresses @gmail, @outlook, @yahoo, @dmx and similar can be added to the platform also. Organizations can configure the product using their cloud infrastructure or use third party SaaS providers to meet their use case and cybersecurity requirements.

Advantages and innovations The design of email now fifty years old has been redesigned by the multi-national globally experienced team using security and privacy by design principles. Now it is fit for purpose in an online world full of threats and risks. Importantly, it is compatible with existing email apps and invisible to end-users. Use of encryption ensures messages and attachments are private and secure in transit. No more plain text. The solution supports demanding environments where regulations impose additional requirements. Multiple server processes are used which reside on a single server or spread over on-premise and cloud servers subject to security and use-case requirements, preventing DDOS attacks and exposure to the internet. Privacy is secured using advanced encryption methods and anonymization of processes and servers involved preventing tracking, monitoring and interception. All message content is “end to end” 100% encrypted. Keys are randomly generated and invisible to end-users and tech teams. “Evolutionary encryption” ensure data remains protected as standards change. Send and receive chat messages (SMS, WhatsApp) to mobile devices using existing email apps. Messages are compressed reducing bandwidth, diskspace usage, server resources and carbon footprint. Intelligent message routing enables “device to device” delivery, reducing risk of interception tracking and manipulation. Desk to desk email does not need to leave the building and use the internet. Address authentication methods stop malicious email before reaches your inbox stopping dangerous SPAM and Phishing email. Existing email apps continue to be used. Integrates with your existing email solution

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