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Project name:

Meniscal Resector

Status: Idea
Creation date: 27-02-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A Ukrainian SME offers a device for the surgical treatment of meniscus injuries. Treatment is faster, easier, and safer. The SME is looking for partners for further scientific research and implementation of the device in clinics.

Full description Knee meniscus injury takes 75% part of knee injuries. The risk of such injury is always increased in such a category of people as Military and Sportsmen. People at the age from 21 to 40 years old suffer more commonly. In 20 percent of clinical cases problem must be solved providing mini-invasive surgery treatment – meniscus resection. Traditionally are used two types of instruments, that could be better from one side are old-school mechanical punches, which are pretty expensive, need special service and have low resection speed, because of their construction. On the other side is a multielectrode device which is one-use and cheaper, but has a big field of influence and a high risk of thermal damage. The Ukrainian SME, which has many years of experience in the treatment of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, offers a surgical arthroscopic invasive electric instrument consisting of a plastic handle, on the front end of which there are inner and outer tubes. The inner one contains a bipolar loop electrode. The outer tube performs linear movement with the help of a manipulator located on the handle. The power cord is located at the back end of the handle. This design of the device provides for a significant reduction in the required resection cycles during treatment, which shortens the duration of the operation and makes the surgeon's work easier. The configuration of the electrode (loop) reduces the temperature load on the joint, which reduces the risk of burning the joint tissue. As a result - faster resection with improved control and cutting accuracy that speeds up the surgery, and patients' reduces recovery duration. The device has already been successfully tested in conditions close to operational conditions in Ukraine. The SME is looking for partners for further clinical research in EU countries via research and development cooperation agreement. In addition, partners are needed to establish the production of devices via investment agreement, their certification, and their sale.

Advantages and innovations
  • Thanks to the design of the device:
  • the operation is faster,
  • the risk of temperature damage to the joint tissue decreases,
  • the patient's recovery time is reduced.

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