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Novel hydraulic stomal implant for ostomy patients allowing controlled evacuation of faeces and thus continence over longer periods of time + innovative ostomy bag attachment mechanism

Status: Idea
Creation date: 04-01-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A German medical research team has invented a hydraulic stomal implant for ostomy patients which allows the controlled evacuation of faeces. The external ostomy bag can temporarily be detached which offers more comfort and freedom for the patient. In addition, a novel attachment mechanism for the bag helps to prevent infections and hygiene problems. The team seeks partners in medical product and biomaterials development as well as medical device validation under technical cooperation agreement.

Full description Various intestinal diseases cause segments of small/large intestine being partially or entirely removed. In these cases, an artificial body opening, a so called stoma, must be surgically created. Due to the usually associated loss of the sphincter muscle stoma patients are completely incontinent for faeces and intestinal gases. To capture the egested faeces the patient needs to permanently wear a bag on his abdominal wall attached by an adhesive baseplate (ostomy pouching system). Most patients suffer great discomfort through unpleasant smells, skin infections and limitations in daily activity. Sweat and abdominal hair can lead to leakages. Furthermore, patients often have high sense of affliction, in some cases resulting in depressive moods and/or social withdrawal. More than 150.000 patients in Germany and many more in Europe and abroad live with a stoma. To address this problem a German research team has invented an innovative implant that consists of a hydraulically coupled sleeve, pump and valve system allowing the controlled closure and opening of the stoma based on a sophisticated mechanism. During closure of the stoma the patient is continent and therefore, can remove the external ostomy bag for a longer period of time and cover it aesthetically with a suitable item. During this time, the patient can enjoy an almost unburdened live. In addition to the stoma implant system, the researchers also invented an alternative attachment mechanism for the external ostomy bag, based on a magnetic system. This enables the easy attachment and removal of the bag without the disadvantages of the commonly used adhesive baseplate. Both inventions, the new stomal control system as well as the alternative ostomy bag attachment system, offer security, hygiene, intimacy and comfort to the patients. They will benefit greatly by leading a much more flexible, relieved and self-determined everyday life. The team seeks partners in medical product and biomaterials development as well as medical device validation. Technical or research cooperation agreement is considered, but also transfer of research depending on the type and interests of the potential partner.

Advantages and innovations The stoma implant system enables: • controlled evacuation of faeces • continence over longer periods of time • removable ostomy pouch during periods of continence • comfort, enhanced individual feeling of self-worth, intimacy and flexibility The alternative ostomy pouch attachment system enables: • minimal hygienic problems, skin irritations and infections • simple and hygienic pouch attachment and removal • application of ointments

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