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Project name:

Romanian municipality looking for partnering opportunities to apply in EU funded projects related to research for sustainable urban development and smart city

Status: Idea
Creation date: 02-03-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary The Romanian municipality is interested in joining project proposals to be funded by EC on the following topics: research for sustainable urban development, cultural heritage, innovative rehabilitation of old public buildings, renovation and repurposing of old infrastructure, sustainable development, smart city.

Full description The Municipality has an area of over 58 km2 and a stable population of approximately 209,945 inhabitants, being the ninth largest city in Romania. It is located at the intersection of the main transport corridors in Romania and only 60 km away from Bucharest. The central area of the city has a surface of more than 110 ha and concentrates most public institutions and services of general interest in the municipality: town hall, county council, museums, theaters, shopping centers, accommodation and catering establishments, educational establishments, companies, banks, etc. Here too, most of the heritage sites built in the city are concentrated, with potential for capitalizing on tourism. The industrial areas of the municipality cover wide surfaces, consisting of the platforms built during the interwar period and the communist period, some located even in semicentral areas, now totally or partially abandoned ( brownfield sites or deallocated industrial areas) and of new industrial parks, located in the peripheral areas, which have witnessed a strong development in the last years, where most of the important investments attracted by the municipality are located. These include the large shopping centers, also developed in peripheral areas, sometimes also by the conversion of former industrial sites. The Municipality is an administrative-territorial unit with legal personality, possesses a patrimony and has initiative regarding the administration of local public interests, exercising, under the law, the authority within the established administrative-territorial limits. The public administration of the municipality is organized and operates on the basis of the principles of decentralization, local autonomy, deconcentrating of public services, eligibility of local public administration authorities, legality and consultation of citizens in solving local issues of particular interest. The municipality is interested in analyzing proposed solutions, exchange of knowledge and experience identified within EU funded projects in order to better understand how innovative solution can be adapted to the local urban context in order to meet the local needs, and prepare the grounds than can serve them best for the future replication of innovative solutions and research for sustainable urban development.

Advantages and innovations The municipality is implementing numerous projects on local development, rehabilitation, urban planning and regeneration, energy efficiency in public buildings, establishing community centers, etc. The municipality is interested in gaining knowledge and funding for further developing projects in the areas mentioned above. Thus, it seeks cooperation and expertise in developing project ideas that will support the sustainable development of the city.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The municipality is interested in jointly developing project applications that can be funded by EU Programs in order to have exchange of experience on local, urban sustainable development, smart city, energy poverty and climate change.
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