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Secured monitoring solutions merging IoT & space technologies with a worldwide coverage

Status: Idea
Creation date: 01-02-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A French Startup, designs and offers "IoT/Sat" solutions that enable the monitoring and control of strategic data via satellite in order to guarantee a permanent service with a worldwide coverage while respecting the needs of sovereignty. Defence and industrial sectors (Mining, Oil&Gas, Transport, Logistics, Energy & Utilities, Environment) with communication challenges for assets located in isolated areas are targeted. Technical cooperation is sought with end-users in industries listed above.

Full description Still today, 80% of the area in the world is not covered with the cellular communication. Out of which 70% of the area is occupied by the deep seas & oceans, and 10 % of the area lies in the developing and underdeveloped nations with poor or no cellular network coverage at all. The French SME has thus developed an innovative and secured communication solution by merging the IoT and Spatial technologies to overcome this problem. The End-to-End IoT/Sat solutions, autonomous on energy, can communicate with IoT sensors regardless of the protocols and transmit data via multiple satellite constellations. The company aims at enabling industrial actors to route their strategic data securely, anywhere in the world and succeed in their digital transformation. Security & traceability, maintenance, remote control and environmental monitoring are industrial applications for which the company can bring efficiency, time and productivity gains, while reducing the environmental impact. The company offers 3 range of products: 1. The base stations - IoT/Sat fixed base station, easy to deploy and to manage a private smart sensor network. Compatible with multiple wireless technologies, it collects and processes data from a wide variety of sensors on site. Thanks to its integrated satellite connection, it implements industrial uses on a global scale, with a permanent and secure service. - IoT/Sat mobile base station, to deploy and manage a private mobile network on a moving equipment/asset. Compatible with standard wireless technologies, it collects and processes data from a wide variety of sensors distributed on mobile equipment such as a train or a container ship. 2. Individual devices with a direct link to satellite - Autonomous compact & plug & play autonomous device that allows the tracking of mobile assets in real time, with global coverage, provided by a permanent and secure satellite connection. - Individual versatile & plug & play, device that allows the measurement of physical parameters (monitoring), with worldwide coverage, provided by a permanent and secure satellite connection. - Hybrid individual versatile & plug & play device (satellite and cellular connection) which allows both the measurement of physical parameters and the geolocation of equipment, guaranteed by permanent, secured and worldwide service. 3. Supervision interface: Secure SaaS web interface, allowing the visualization, localization and processing of data received. It is accessible on all platforms, with a clean and very intuitive and user-friendly interface. In summary, these energy-autonomous solutions make it possible to receive information from connected objects in real time, monitor and manage assets remotely in white areas, to have worldwide connectivity and an end-to-end service. The company is looking for end-users from defence and industrial sectors (Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics, Energy & Utilities, Environment...), willing to move to industry 4.0 and increase their efficiency and production, improve their staff safety, and track their critical assets and products.

Advantages and innovations
  • 100% world coverage, even the most isolated areas and white zones
  • End-to-end and two-way solution, meaning that information can be sent and received to the assets to control them remotely
  • Multi-protocol wireless connectivity (WiFi, LoRa, ZigBee, BLE…)
  • Multi-satellite constellation connectivity

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