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Spanish blockchain technology company offers an agnostic, transparent and interoperable cloud platform to help digitalize and synchronize global supply chains

Status: Idea
Creation date: 13-10-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary Spanish technology company has developed a cloud platform to help manage international shipments faster and more securely than traditional systems. The platform simplifies and connects the logistic processes guaranteeing transparency, traceability and security, using Blockchain technology. The firm seeks a long-term commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement with international freight transport companies, importers and exporters seeking digital transformation.

Full description Blockchain in logistics is the new technological bet to increase agility and security in the exchange of information. This technology enhances more effective communication between providers, consumers and other agents from the global supply chain. The American consultancy and research company, Gartner, estimates the value that this technology will add to the industry by 2025 at more than 176,000 million dollars. For the aforementioned, the Spanish company has focused for years on developing a platform blockchain based, where all players of the global trade ecosystem can collaborate and share information in the most secure way possible. This way, any movement, information or interaction between actors of the global trade ecosystem can be tracked, and it can guarantee the highest security of data and information. The platform accelerates all international trade operations, coordinating all actors intervening in an operation, guaranteeing interoperability, accessibility, and transparency for all interested parties, as well as the centralization of all the information and the files in a single point. The software solution is based on a scalable platform, deployed in the cloud, distributed and accessible globally, which eliminates the need for third parties to ensure the veracity of the intermediate transactions carried out (banks, auditors, etc.), due to integrated blockchain technology. The platform has been developed with the aim of digitalizing and optimizing processes related to the movement of goods (national and international) using technologies as blockchain and artificial intelligence The company has already partnered with important public institutions, global transport organizations, global associations and the Spanish customs in order to digitalize and improve the global trade ecosystem, and is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance or services agreement with international transport companies and import and export companies to guide global trade actors towards digital transformation.

Advantages and innovations Currently there are other similar solutions but push companies to change logistics providers, making these solutions not adapted to each organizational environment and forcing companies to break their international business relationships. Therefore, the Spanish company is offering a digital, collaborative, agnostic and globally interoperable platform that is managed in the cloud, where the user can maintain both their current suppliers and their organizational structure but with an improvement in their international trade management of an easy, fast, safe and transparent way through an open synchronization with different international trade actors.
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