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Spanish SME specializing in IoT, offers smart monitoring solutions for agriculture for technical, research, and services agreements

Status: Idea
Creation date: 09-11-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary A Spanish company offers a complete set of services for e-agro, providing solutions fully integrated, able to collect and analyse data, find tendencies and provide information for decision making. Its team of experts will develop the MVP, test it, and bring it to market. The partnership sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance and a research cooperation agreement.

Full description The company is a young SME incorporated in Spain and based in Madrid. It has experience in the full development of solutions, from the early stage of research to the final stage, introducing the product to the market. Its main expertise includes data analysis and the creation of predictive models based on these data, building useful tools adapted to each client. It has successfully developed apps for decision-making that are currently on the market. The company is an expert in technologies such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality, 3D image, IoT, biotechnology, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result, it has developed solutions for the intelligent management of agriculture or crops protection against frost. The company offers its products and know-how to companies and other organizations interested in solving situations such as: - Reducing time to analyze information - Optimising their activities - Improve their existing technological tools or create new ones adapted to their needs. Desired cooperation: Services agreement: any company (mainly SMEs) involved with technology Research Cooperation Agreement: companies, universities, or research and technology centres interested in developing an international research and development project. Technical cooperation agreement: any company, university or research and technology centre that needs to develop or implement software to create a predictive model for the analysis of data.

Advantages and innovations Unlike other similar solutions on the market, these solutions provide IoT tools integrated, with reliable, real-time, long-term measurements. As a result, these solutions can accomplish with World Health Organization (OMS) recommendations which say that only long-term and real-time measurements are reliable. The offered systems have several advantages; • High sensitivity sensor 0.5cpm/pCi/l, 20~30 times more than conventional radon detector • High sensor accuracy <10% at 10pCi/l. • Low Power consumption: DC 12 ± 0.1V, 65mA (5V DC adapter) • BG96 Modem: Nb-IoT, Cat-M1 and GPRS • Very fast to settle: only 1h • Interactive & user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) • Temperature and Humidity sensors • Big Data platform for IoT, including machine learning and AI algorithms

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought - Companies (mainly SMEs, but open to any other one) in the agricultural sector in need of technical assistance for their development - Companies, universities or research and technology centres interested in research cooperation agreements to integrate the technology and know-how offered to develop new projects.
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