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Technical product development for medical devices

Status: Idea
Creation date: 07-10-2021

Project objectives:


Dutch SME and co-creator of practical solutions in measuring and control technology offers technical or research cooperation agreement for development for medical devices.The company offers its knowledge and skills in mechanics, electronics, software and medical biology to work with research groups,(spin-off) SMEs and multinationals to develop a technology from proof of concept stage to a market ready device. The company is open to cooperation in Eurostars or Horizon Europe project.


Development of medical technology from a proof-of-concept in a lab situation to a user friendly, tested and approved working device for healthcare professionals is an extensive process. Sensor information needs to be analyzed and visualized, often real-time. This Dutch company has a proven track-record in development of medical devices in cooperation with universities, research groups, (spin-off) SMEs and multinationals. Working according to ISO 13485 this company uses it knowledge and skills in mechanics, electronics, algorithm development, software and medical biology for co-development of medical devices.
This Dutch company started in 2000 with consulting in the field of measurement technology. After a few years the company added in-house development in a multidisciplinary environment. The SME collaborates with different partners and disciplines. Examples being universities, R&D organizations start-up and established production companies.
The company offers modelling and simulation (algorithm development) with sensors, software and mechatronics, via demonstrators and prototypes towards high-end products in the field of medical devices.
The company develops reliable and intuitive devices that meet the medical standards. These diagnostic and therapeutic devices are user-friendly and the technology is verified and tested. The core of these devices are sensors that monitor real-time situation. This sensor information is analyzed and visualized to give the physician everything that is needed to do the job. Examples of these devices are:
- Lung function measurement
- Detection of biomarkers in breath gasses
- Whole body hyperthermia device - this device increases the body core temperature by venous perfusion to approximately 42,5°C for two hours in support of an oncological treatment.
- Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy
- Hemodialyse with molecular biology
- implantable insulin pump for diabetici
- Back measurement application for physiotherapy
- wearable shirt for home monitoring of respiratory diseases
- Measurement of dynamic hyperinflation veterinary metabolism system
- wearable patch with stress algorithm, and more.
- high sensitive point of care device for assay platform
- raman spectography for (synovial) bodyfluids
The Dutch company is looking for SMEs, start-up companies, universities or organizations that have developed innovative medical technology to a proof-of-concept stage. Technical and research cooperation is offered for product co-development from prototype, to 0-series to product and upgrades. The company is open to cooperation in projects for Eurostars or Horizon Europe.

Advantages & innovations

This company's strength is multidisciplinary product development. With specialists in a wide range of fields, the company can offer an integral solution. Over the years the company has acquired the knowledge and experience in many different areas.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

This Dutch company is looking for partners that have an innovative technology developed to at least a proof-of-concept stage. Likely partners are SMEs, research groups/universities, spin-off companies with a need to develop their innovative technology to a medical device. Technical and research cooperation is offered for co-development of medical devices.

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