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Technology intelligence

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"Comprehensive technology state of art analysis and road-mapping for the innovation decision making process"

What are your competitors doing in R&D? Who are the most relevant stakeholders in the research areas of your interest? Which is the current technology state of art, and how innovative is your project?

Four steps
The PNO Technology Intelligence service provides you with the necessary knowledge to define and implement successful research and innovation projects, including a comprehensive analysis of technology state-of-the-art and trends, who’s doing what, most relevant stakeholders for your research interest, and a benchmark with competitors’ research activities. The activities are performed in four steps by experienced, sector-specialist consultants:

  1. comprehensive analysis of technology state-of-the-art, including scientific papers, research projects, patents, and key stakeholders in the area;
  2. interview with Key Stakeholders, also involving PNO’s extended network of clients, contacts, and registered members of PNO IT platforms;
  3. analysis of the information gathered to provide meaningful and aggregated information to support strategic decisions;
  4. validation and final results through workshops with key stakeholders.

Concrete deliverables
At the end of our service the concrete deliverables are:

  • the analysis of the technology state of art, including a list of key stakeholders, and a benchmark of competitors R&D activities;
  • report with the analysis of the interviews and on line surveys, outlining the most interesting features that your innovation should embrace to meet the market demand, the sector trends, the overall end users needs;
  • a roadmap for the exploitation of your innovation in the sector/areas with highest market potential.