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Spanish company specialized in innovative process and formulations for pharma products is looking for new research cooperation and manufacturing agreements.

Status: Idea
Creation date: 06-12-2021

Project objectives:


The Spanish contract research company, based in Madrid, is providing R&D services for the development and manufacturing of new compounds and processes. The SME counts with experienced staff and a new modern plant that ensures high levels of expertise and efficacy. The company is looking for new research cooperation and/or manufacturing agreements with pharma and biotech companies.


The Spanish company has been founded in 2012 by a group of chemical engineers and experts from the pharma sector. Counting with a 3.200 m2 new facility and 16 experienced employees (PhD and MS), they provide specialized services for drug development.
- Chemistry: Process chemistry and route scouting. Drug discovery processes, medicinal chemistry and synthesis of raw materials.
- Flow chemistry: Special conditions' processes. Unusual temperature and/or pressure requisites.
- Raw materials: proprietary compound collection: highest quality chemicals, synthesized and developed to meet the expectations of pharma companies, pilot plants, laboratories…Flexible manufacturing production ranging from small to bulk scale orders.
- Quality and regulatory affairs services.
With experience as a pharma solutions provider, with clients at national and international locations, the company, already engaged in a growth stage, wants to increase its activities abroad. Regarding its international activities in Europe, the company looks for pharma and biotech related companies with special needs in medicine and formulation processes. Cooperation is offered under research and cooperation agreements in cases of processes redesign or optimization, and under manufacturing agreements when high quality compounds are involved.

Advantages & innovations

The company has been gaining experience and client recognition during its years of activity. Counting with an experienced team, a global solutions offer and an integrative approach (stage gate/agile) for R&D projects, the company has gained a favourable position at national level, being considered as a lean pharma chemistry specialized contract research office CRO. The company combined services provision and special compound manufacturing has helped them to gain knowledge and keep updated and develop ameliorated processes. Their innovation solutions portfolio, has been currently updated with a new process developed in order to obtain NCAs (Amino Acid N-carboxyanhydride). This compounds are excellent starting materials for peptide polymerizations that are included as parts of the nanoparticles that allow guidance to the tissue to be treated when drugs are anchored in them. An example of these NCA precursors, are the derivatives of the amino acid Sarcosine. The company process provides excellent quality standards with very low level of chlorides, which allows its use in polymerizations, ensuring the polymer size at all times.

Stage of development

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